Get amused by the decora, Welcome to Bombay Adda


Mumbai is a name, Bombay is an emotion
It’s all about the vibe at this place . Very well thought decora combined with uniqueness and elegance is Bombay adda

Taking you inside Bombay Adda . This was my favourite seating amongst the various sections they have . They also have LOVE LOCK wall !
I liked the dining open seating section as the decor has been very well thought . It is a combination of elegance and minimalist. Use of artistic wooden furniture , green walls and lot of surprise photogenic corners and showpieces has made this place stand out . It has an eloquent outdoor seating area which just spells lot of positivity and good vibes . It’s gonna be AMAZE in winters .

Further they also have a lounge which turns into a crazy club . The club also has great wooden decor with lot of sparks in between like masks , lights and lot of drinks.

Starting with the drinks :

In and Out took my eyes as it had a beautiful presentation inside a box . And we had to take it outside for it taste amazing

Further coming to the next drink was the watermelon
Coming next to , the Heavens door mocktail which had watermelon content was really refreshing .

Further my favorite was passion fruit mocktail which had infusion of sweet lime and led to a pungent yet sweet taste which perfectly blended with my meal.
Commencing with the starters;

Hummusa was a beautiful twist to the mundane samosa . It had used hummus filling and tasted fabulous. They were Crispy and soft at the same time leaving a lingering taste to the tongue .

Next one was the paneer tikka , as common as it sounds . It was simple and soothing .

I also liked the watermelon Feta salad . The usage of fresh cheese with basil and fresh cut watermelon was light refreshing and amazing.


Monsoon season makes one crave for buttta. They had a very good idea of having butta along with sweet corn cut as well on the side .
This weather has some magic . And I crave for roadside food but due to hygiene reasons I avoid them.

The same was satiated with an amazing Chinese Bhel at Bombay adda .
They have picked up a lot of local bombay items on the menu.
Chinese Bhel was not oily yet Crispy and tasted perfect .

The Srilankan Curry 🍛 was a different experience as it had infused lot of spices with usage of coconut

I loved their Margarita pizza as it was just very simple yet great .

Mushroom Pasta was unique and tasted good too.

Further coming to desserts ,

Loved their tiramisu as it was just very subtle , creamy yet not sweet and the coffee flavour hit directly.
Also their chocolate mousse is supposed to be amazing .


Plus they have sheesha too !

You all should definitely try this place for a perfect chill afternoon or a crazy night .


Cute decora and Budget buffet at Queens Mocktails

Queens Kitchen and Mocktails has a beautiful decor . Chandeliers , cute chairs , flowers and candles on each table is summation of this place.
They have a gorgeous outdoor seating with fairy lights and pleasant view which will be amazing in winters .
Coming to the mocktails ,


I loved the picke dickle ; they have infused the sweet and sour taste with a mocktail !

Blue breeze looks amazing ; it’s lychee based !

I also liked the addition of green apple to virgin mojito and it combined into a very gorgeous blend .
Even the cranberry kiss was cuteness with taste .
They have a buffet system .

Loved their salad counter which has “make my own salad” ; the infusion of beetroot , vinaigrette, Caesar , and balsamic was my pick.

They have different kinds of papad from mirchi to garlic to plain .
I also liked the soup . The addition of lemon grass to corn soup was refreshing specially due to the rains .
Commencing with the food ,

Spinach and bellpepper tart – It was done in an authentic Italian way . It might be a bit bland who are not fond of this taste .

Potato green pea tikki – It was a revamped version hara bara kebab

Veg korma – It was basically sticking to basics .
Paneer chilly gravy – the gravy was smooth with soft paneer .

Kachori chaat – liked the pick of buffet as they had taken various chaats !

Burnt garlic fried rice – This one was just comfort food .

Vada pav – Vada pav was the normal vada pav !
Dum aloo – Dum aloo had a good gravy .

Kashmiri pulav – They have used a bit of beer root for the color .

Paneer pahadi tikka – Soft paneer and good taste .
Veg Crispy – Two words to describe this would be spicy and tasty .

Coming to the desserts,

The dessert pastries were fairly ok .
The suji halwa was really good .

Overall it’s a value for money place .


Boat it up for cooking with Moshes



This is much unknown but Moshes Chef has a beautiful organic home in alibaug where on weekends he takes classes on different recipes ! He is a total gentleman.


He has a beautiful house with inhouse grown organic vegetables.
This one is from the lunch prepared !An entire day excursion is organised . From 7am to 4pm . They arrange for speed boats for pick up and drop . It’s a beautiful exchange of ideas and tips while you interact with one of the finest chefs .


This one is the beetroot dip .


This one is from the Session where he taught different types of dips to be served . Each ingredient was organic . He gave some amazing techniques to make some dishes .

Further the excursion also includes tea / coffee on arrival , scrumptious lunch (oh it’s absolutely yummy) , high tea and also spend time with dog there 😍

This one is the classic hummus made with olive oils and lot of ingredients.
Overall it’s one of the best ways to have fun and learn !
From The day trip to alibaug by speed boat to exploring his beautiful house to learning cooking techniques and dishes to meeting new people , it’s an enthralling experience in itself !
It happens on Sundays !
There is so much that Bombay has to offer ! What are you upto ?

Pind di yaad


Singh Saab keeps it authentic with its North Indian food . It’s roots lie in the state of Punjab and promises to be original . The place is most known for family seating . It has pieces of Punjab picked up from here and there like talwars, lamps and all .

Starting with the drinks

Desi tharra – This is the best medicine teamed with alcohol !
Jugni – Jugni is watermelon based drink with a tan of Mint .

Mighty Singh
Sexy kudi is heavenly for coconut lovers . It has a lot of coconut flavour combined with a bit of cream .
Singh Saab quirks it up with fun punjabi names for their drinks like
Rocket Singh
Gabru, Burrahh, Chaalu purza , Mighty Singh , Moody jatt , Singh is king


They have a new monsoon menu !
Paneer bhurji served with pav – this one is the vegetarian version to kheema Pav . I loved it . Paneer was absolutely soft and finely chopped with mild flavours completely blending with the Pav.

Crumb fried cottage cheese fingers – Imagine it’s pouring and hogging onto these hot dried fingers

Cheese and corn tikki – This is such a combination that can never go wrong .


Mushroom Multani – I loved this starter . Lightly roasted with a creamy sauce making it so flavoursome .

Paneer Amritsari Basil tikka – The authentic paneer tikka brought to you . So soft . So tasty .
Paneer Gulzari kebab – Yes there were lot of versions of paneer ; but I am not complaining ! As every stuffing had different flavours .

Main Course

Stuffing myself with starters ; Chose for one sabji and thought of indulging it in properly
Paneer lababdar- This was red based gravy which was completely creamy and smooth . The paneer pieces were sized perfectly. And combined it with the bread basket ; my pick – cheese garlic naan


Dum biriyani was good but would rather advise you all to stick to mains and starters

Coming to the Desserts

Flaming gulab jamun – The presentation part of us great but the taste is fairly ok
Sizzling chocolate brownie – this one is the simple , silly option !
Baby gulab jamun with laccha Rabri – Loved this option ! The rabri was thick with small gulab jamuns which were hot and soft .
Rose petal firni – As simple as it looks ; it tastes beautiful. The rose flavour is so subtle yet hits you right there .

Overall ; loved the place for authentic food . It was comfort food with no extra fanciness.
Balle Balle!

Fries before guys


Cafe 2.0 is a little cafe which is pocket friendly and to go spot to chill for college students as well as families

Beginning with ,
I tried the following shakes
Oreo shake
Ferrero Shake
Freak Shake
Red velvet Shake
And every shake was reasonably priced and good for the price they are offering .


Starting with the mains

Cafe2.0 special pizza ; to be honest I never expected the pizza to be so good. It was filled with cheese and topped with vegetables baked perfectly

Pizza triangles – loved the crispy outer and cheese inside .

Chipotle Wedges – They were thick potatoes roasted in chipotle sauce made perfectly
Pink sauce pasta – This one could have been a bit better . The creaminess has to be more thick .

Smoky paneer and chipotle wrap- I tried both the wraps . And what I liked was they used some great sauces completing the dish .
And oh oh !! Taking your focus to the highlight : It has to Be FRIES.

FRInally !!! Love the pizza signature fries there . Served for a reasonable price ; they are filling and scrumptious.
The pizza fries were loaded with cheese .

Cafe2.0 spl burger was also good ; it had mayonnaise cheese and veggies .

Ending with the desserts ; they were just normal . They have the Red velvet and Belgium chocolate.

Go for the fries , pizza and wraps & grab bites on the go 💃

Multicuisine in city


Red olives at Powai is a multi cuisine restaurant having a fine dine ambience . It’s always buzzing with crowd with the corporate crowd around . They have a humongous variety of dishes . My picks are oriental and Indian .


This one is the paneer kadhai tikka. The cottage cheese was perfectly soft and marinated in a light tossed gravy keeping the textures intact . The bit of roasted on the side just completed the dish .
Hummus platter with crisp pita . Hummus could have been more flavoursome with use of tahini and chickpeas.


Pepper stuffed mushrooms . I loved these . They were great for anybody who likes mushrooms and spices .

Cheese and jalapeno poppers ; keeping it classic red olives targets every customer base .

Sundried tomatoes and olive bruschetta – roasted in olive oil and baked with tomatoes is good choice for starters

Mushroom cappuccino . As unique does it sound ; so unique does it taste . It’s a soup . Yes you read it right . I loved the combination. Cream of mushroom sprayed with coffee took the definition of soup to another level .


Also they had some fun mocktails like Berry banana crush . Yes it sounds different. But for the ones who like banana flavour ; it’s great . Further they had the kiwi Martini and also their special concoctions .


Coming to the main course ,
Burnt garlic fried rice (veg) ; it was wholesome . Rices have to be cooked well for them to taste well . And it was cooked really well thereby the taste of garlic was lingering.

Red olives boasts of cuisines of North Indian , continental and Chinese which becomes home to one and all .

Saag paneer chilli fry is a dish liked by one and all . Simple paneer chilly tossed in spices .

Also tried the Spinach and vegetable dim
sum .


Commencing with desserts, usually pan is used as a refresher . The desserts were simple in plating but just spelled comfort . The pan blast new flavour was flavoursome and amazing. It was one of the best I have had. Next up was Gulab jamun with gulkhand rabdi . Soft Gulab jamun wrapped in rabdi are making my mouth drool .
Shahi Gulab badam slice was basically Rose flavoured icecream with Almonds
Also they have great buffet deals .
It’s the perfect place to catch up with family or your corporate meetings .


Be your own time

We always are running
Even in sleep we are running in our minds
We are travelling in cabs running of what errands we have to do
Why can’t we just stop?
We want to get ahead .
We wana do so much
Competition is eating you and making you it’s slave
Rather let it be your stimulation.
You are running . Running insanely .
Just to be more ….
It’s okay if you become CEO 👨‍💼 two years later than others .
But you enjoyed . You LIVED moments
Just walk on the road and look at the trees . Just sit on a park bench and listen to music and not think of anything
And for Three nights don’t work on studies just because you wana pamper yourself .
Go take a trip even if you are broke for the thrill and moment .

It’s OKAY . As you have an entire life of 30s to shed responsibilities and live for your wife and children and the never ending list .
Right now is the TIME FOR YOU .
Pause . Enjoy . LIVE . BREATHE .
Life around is beautiful
You deserve it ♥️