Budget buffet at Saptami

Saptami at the Holiday Inn is a great buffet dinner place for the price they offer

There is a salad spread which has salads like cold pasta to traditional chana. I loved the watermelon which was cut in the shape of duck .

I loved the starters :

1. Herb Cheese Balls

2. Soya Charred Cottage Cheese

3. Potato wedges I have gorged onto them

I wanted an Indian Spread as : Tadka Dal , Phulka Roti , Paneer ki Sabji , Punjabi Kadhi , Papad , Raita is soul food .

And who can miss chaat ? I had paani Puri and ragda pattice . I also called for a small portion of white sauce pasta which was great .

Also with the overcast weather set in , I had lemon coriander soup – a bliss for people who like it spicy .

Coming to the desserts , I was really full so I tried rose barfi and I really liked that . Also tried malai peda in the shape of apple . And had to be like a kid at heart and had chocolate icecream with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips.

Overall loved the spread . Scrumptious and Value for money .


Relax , Rejuvenate and Regenerate with your staycation at Holiday Inn , Mumbai

Staycation is the synonym to escape hustle bustle and the chaos of the city – TheGlocalJournal

I am high on staycations . I usually don’t get time to go for long vacations due to busy schedule .

I chose holiday inn , Mumbai for the weekend . It is a beautiful commercial property accessible from the airport and metro station. Coming back , as I entered I was welcomed by the warm staff and was directed to my room . The room was comfortable . Lets unwind by the terrace pool :

Then I headed directly for a relaxing dip into the ppol . The pool is on a terrace . The view from the pool describes the city of Bombay – skyscrapers , houses , factories . The pool is a refresher by itself as its right in the open . The water is also warm .

I ordered hot fries with watermelon juice to unwind by the pool . The vibes are very calming . I sat by bed rest and read a book

Soothing Spa at TATTVA

Next up I decided to go to the spa . TATTVA SPA at holiday inn is made in a very spacious way . Four spa rooms with steam . According to me , spa therapies are ESSENTIAL . They rejuvenate the body They regenrate your mind They relax your soul One time , spend something on what you love as you deserve it . Pamper yourself . You are welcomed by the warm staff as you enter . And then

Step 1 : Choose the spa which you want from the menu … From beauty exilirs to swedish massage they have it all . Since I like medium pressure and more calming experience , I chose the Indian Abhiyanga which is priced at Rs 2800 . Then choose the oil . They use oils originated from Indan roots . I chose the Pavitra Blend which contained rosewood , rose , olive essential oil . It smelt only “unwind”

Step 2: They welcome you with a form on which you can write how do you want your spa to be … relaxing , calming or releasing muscle tension

Step 3 : The warm masseuse takes you inside the room . Legit you are exported to serenity . Sweet Aroma , Soft Music , Soothing Lights – What else would you want ? Initially I began with warm foot massage. The masseuse was very sweet . She started the massage , she asked me if the pressure was okay and was very caring . Gradually the muscles were being relaxed , the serenity was enrapturing . I felt at my best – relaxed and rejuvenated . The head massage specially was very soothing and calming . I then went for steam . The steam was parfait !! Perfecrly Hot and Steamy … As all my stress was released and my pores were open , I was feeling more radiant from the inside . I had a calm shower and was ready to tackle a crazy week

Lets hog onto some dinner

By now I was starving , so I chose to go for scrumptious buffet at Saptami .

Wholesome elaborate spread containing Indian , Chaat and some dishes inspired from Continental cuisine.

Post the meal , I headed for binge shows and snuggle in bed . It was so comfortable .

Breakfast in bed anybody? The thing what I loved the most was that they had a checklist kind of ” I would love to have breakfast in bed” …. It literally was a little gift to beat Monday blues.

The bed in breakfast had everything from the time I want to specifications to all. As I woke up , the breakfast arrived . It was a very royal feeling . The steward accompanied by the waiter came with a cart having my elaborate spread .

From fork knives to choices of jam to jars of milk to a heater accompanied in my trolley for my paneer paratha , it was the best thing that could happen on a Monday morning . And then I checked out .

Loved the warm hospitality of the staff . Overall it was a memorable budget stay . When are you heading for a staycation ?

Hello Guppy is all about affordable Japanese food

Hello Guppy is vibrant , chique affordable Japanese food place served to you . It is the newest offering from the Olive Group.

Starting with my drinks :

For guppys sake a unique blend of vanilla vodka and sake shaken with freshly muddle lemon galangal and lemongrass

Gummy drop strawberry and gummy pills with coloured sparklers

Then I had the Fruit tea

Which is Passion on the grass

Cranberry passion fruit kaffir lime and lemon grass sours

Starting with my food :

Crisp vegetable harumaki – this is really crispy and nice .

Oven baked exotic vegetable filo spring rolls served with yuzu miso sauce – is one was like a crispy spring roll served to you . Loved the textures .

Avacado cucumber and cream cheese roll – Have Japanese food and not have sushi is not possible ! Ioved the soft textures .

Teriyaki glazed artichoke and tofu soy glazed grilled artichoke and tidy served on a bed of seasonal greens – So I had this . They had big pieces of Tofu served with a very subtle sauce .

Garlic fried rice – I chose a very classic dish . The rice was soft with a strong flavour of garlic which went perfectly with my meal .

Coming to my desserts , That was the best part of my meal . The molten lava chocolate cake is to die for .

I would again go there just to eat that desert served with fresh blueberry icecream .I have not eaten such a good icecream in a long time .

Next was my parfait . Loved the presentation . They make icecream out of a local Japanese ingredient and make a cute bunny out of it . The parfait consists of fresh fruits with corn flakes and all . Very refreshing . Overall great chilled place for Japanese food .

Candle light date by the sea

Masala Bar is your perfect choice of a dreamy date . Come on , you imagine . Situated by the sea . Surrounded by candles . Lit with dim lights .

Enjoying the sunset 🌅 if you reach by 6.30 pm . Extra 0.5 is just for the ambience . Coming to my drinks :

The great hornbys cloud – this is a great drink ! •

Malabar point – The names are inspired from natural beauty around . This had a very pungent taste and was smooth !

• Sea side – Hello Sea side . This one depends on the taste buds

• Carbon bhaji carbon pavilion – This is a different take on Pav bhaji . It is all black from bhaji to your Pav .

• Channa tempura chat- I really liked this as it’s that perfect chaat feeling sweet and sour .

• Figs and honey watermelon carppcio – This one is your salad . Reallly light .

• Avacado beet cream sushi- I loved the sushi .

• Yellow curry rissoto – The risotto was really tasty .

• Asparagus and pockchoy biryani – Biryani made me feel like at home . It was served with raita on the side . Further the rice was perfectly cooked which made it so good . I tried only one desert as was pretty stuffed !

• Bailey’s lollipop- this one is too heavenly for the ones who like baileys with chocolate . The lollipop was divine . Overall loved the place !

Celebrate grandparents day on 10th Sept at Grandmamas cafe with One Free dish

From letting us ride on their shoulders to kissing away our boo-boos, they mould and guide us in each aspect of life. Grandmama’s Cafe is celebrating this special day with complimentary surprises for all the Grandparents walking in on 10th September, 2017 Shower Grandma & Grandpa With All The Love They Deserve This Grandparents Day, At Grandmama’s Cafe!

The storytellers, the chocolate bearers and the ones who give the best hugs…here’s to our amazing grandparents — the ones who were our best friends while growing up. It’s Grandparents Day on the 10th of September and we at Grandmama’s Cafe are celebrating all day! It’s time we gave back double the amount of love and affection we’ve received from them, isn’t it? Mumbai city’s favourite Grandmama is going to pull out all the stops in honour of this very special day .

On September 10, visit any of the Grandmama’s Cafe outlets with your grandparents or grandchild and prepare for some fun surprises and a lot of good ol’ TLC. Every grandparent walking in with their grandchild will be presented with an exclusive Grandmama’s Cafe coupon for one complimentary dessert to avail of on your next visit! If your grandparents have a soft corner for pie, make sure to let them grab our Homestyle Lemon Pie free, on their next visit. But that’s not all. Your grandparents can even pick one of their favourite dishes from our Grandma’s Special Menu, free of charge!

So if you’re grandma’s a loyal fan of Rajma Chawal or your grandpa’s in the mood for some delicious Keema Pav, he/she can have it on the house. These thoughtful offers, coupled with the warmth, the charm and the relaxed vibe of our cafe will definitely leave your grandparents beaming with joy. So make the most of a Sunday by spreading a great deal of love and happiness on this occasion. Make it a day to remember for your grandparents by pampering them and celebrating with us at Grandmama’s Cafe. WHAT: Grandparents Day Special WHEN: 10th September, 2017 ; All day WHERE: All outlets

Going back to soul food with Arth

Arth is a pretty looking with intricate decor done by Gauri Khan . The restaurant is spacious . What pulled me to this place was the food . There was not one thing which I didn’t like . It was comforting , soul food . Eating wholesome food felt good .

Arth focuses on keeping techniques traditional yet incorporating modern twists .

Starting with my mocktails :

No rum fizz
Hibiscus , anise , cranberry- The presentation of this drink could be made better . And also the taste was bland .

Berry without
Red berries , anise , vanilla – I loved this . Subtle smooth and nice .

I thought of writing in mix match order so with my mains


Charcoal bharta
Baingan bharta , phulka – I loved this . The phulka roti is so soft . Literally made me remind of home . The bharta was full of flavour !


Pearl potatoes
Badami dum aloo , dahi ki khamiri rotis . Yes the potatoes were served and roasted perfectly


Litti chokha
Coal fired litti , aloo chokha – Do you remember this ? The traditional food . Oh it just took me back to the villages

Beeh dodah
Lotus stem , fenugreek , coriander , garlic , chive , jowar roti – I loved the roti . It was so wholesome . I like the usage of lotus stem to make the vegetable . And it’s nutritional value goes without saying .


Raw mango , Yam , sweet potato , carrot , beans ,palak dosa – The use of palak in a dosa and having so many different ingredients demonstrates something !

I had a crazy time at my appetisers


Morrels stuffed
Mushroom , walnuts – Yes I didn’t try any dish having cottage cheese but incorporated all different ingredients leading to a riot for my palate .

Rhododendron seekh
Pomegranate , yoghurt , mint – this was my favorite among the appetizers ! It had that strong flavour .

Banana flower baked
Black sesame , pistachio , prune – food . Taking you across , this one is the “Banana Flower Baked” . It had a very pungent taste with the little patty and was delectable


Naga wild mushroom gilawat
Red scallion , ulta tawa paratha – This one has usage of mushrooms and the strong taste blended perfectly with my mild paratha.

Kalimpong chesse chargrilled
Broccoli , cauliflower , fox nut – Oh ! You remember makhana? They had used makhana melted in cheese with broccoli . It was so good .


Yoghurt explosion
Tamarind chutney , stone-ground mint chutney , sev – The Yoghurt Explosion from @arthmumbai . It is made my technique of molecular gastronomy and is an appetiser . It tastes sour and sweet and is light .
Chef Arminder has done a fabulous job with the cuisine .

Coming to the desserts ,

As modern techniques grow, traditional techniques still have the power to make you crave for them . I absolutely loved the Malai Kulfi . They actually came in cart with bells and made this by our table .

The flavours made me remind of my childhood days . The falooda, rabdi was consistent and went perfectly !


The hot jalebis had my heart . I am coming again for the Rabdi .

The angoor Rabdi for so cute and light .


I liked the innovation of the paper sweet . It was like baklava but with a lot of flavours .

This place had everything in one . From modern decora to efficient Warm staff to elaborate food to good pricing .

Stay in Bombay by the lakeside ? Hell Yes


Exploring anything is equivalent to elevating yourself. Due to work, I am unable to travel very far or for long. But outskirts of Bombay have everything from hidden homes to luxurious getaways. #latepost

I had chosen the lakeside view with pool view suite which itself was so refreshing .

It made me self actualise that Nature is the most powerful relaxation . I was languishing at their pool which is very adjacent to the lake and the warm water makes it even more amazing .

Coming to my brunch , it was one of my best brunches so far . To put it in two words it was elaborate and scrumptious.

Delicacies picked up from few states as well the world was just exciting . What actually caught my heart , was the choice of fresh juices which usually are not even there at 5stars . From cucumber spinach to beetroot to what not .
Their pick of fruits , yoghurt , spreads resulted into a hearty meal . And not to forget the coconut water .
And their detailing was so amazing , they had soaked almonds and walnuts to encourage fitness .

Coming to my stay , Warm kind hospitality with comfort is what this place is all about .
I went during the initial monsoon days and the overcast weather just made me tuck away in bed while gazing at the gorgeous view .

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