10 things you may not know about me

So as many of you all DMd to give some insights about me – 10 things which you may not know about me ! 1. I love sleeping . Yes I love sleeping and can nap anytime of the day (sadly don’t get sleep due to work) 2. I am not a full time blogger . 3. I am pursuing chartered accountancy ( don’t be stunned , blogging is my hobby) 4. I am interning also (yes a crazy 9 hour) 5. I have a younger sister @aashvikamdar23 . She is a fabulous dancer and a bigger social media persona than I am .

6. I am a crazy romantic person . I love rom coms, roses , balloons . 7. I love dressing up. 8. Getting that perfect picture makes me happy like a kid . 9. If I am angry , food can make me melt in a minute 10. I love dancing and reading . Good language and usage of words makes me ecstatic . 11. Because they are my fam . I have very few friends and they are home . Kudos @sharvariwagh @apeksha_1697 @riddhiiii_shah @drishti_mehta @anilguruprasad04 @krish_desai_ @krushankj . They keep me sane when I go insane ! ____ So that about it ! A bit about me ! I am just a normal person like you and me having dreams and on the way to achieve them . ___ So bump in what all you want me to write and you will have it !


Brekkie at Grandmamas

Grandmamas cafe is like a cute little home with a personal touch converted to a cafe I chose to go for breakfast . Breakfast is highly underrated. I love breakfast dates and days . The joy of eating a beautiful first meal is ecstatic . I was glad to rejoice that with grandmamas .

I chose paneer Scramble . What I really liked that it was cut perfectly into tiny pieces with my toast . It’s so healthy and yumm .

How could I not choose waffles ? Imagine chocolate Nutella drizzled waffles for breakfast . Come on cheat breakfasts are allowed

Next up was tomato omelette. A bit spicy but good !

I chose watermelon juice . It was very fresh with minimal sugar .

And cheated with an Oreo shake . It was great .

Ended with a red velvet cake . Loved the red velvet as it was less of essence and fresh . Overall had a good time A great start to the day.

The Big Band Theory Nights at Glocal

Glocal Junction is an absolute spaced out chilled out go to place . Situated at Worli , this one is a combination of good food , good music and good vibes So being two people you possibly can’t order everything . I decided to go selective and choose the Glocal special delicacies as then they allow me to taste different things

To start with , I ordered summer breeze which was a gin based drink with cranberry and orange . Since I am fanatic about this tropical flavour , I liked .

Coming to the food , I called for cheese fondue . Usually I am disappointed with fondues as they are either to bland or soggy . This one was one of the best fondues I have had . The Parmesan cheese with the flavours was flavoursome

Then had the classic Woodfire pizza . Really roasted , crispy and cheesy .

For starters , I chose the chaat tokri which was a deconstructed form of sev Puri . Found this okay to be honest

While , the band was set to rage . Yes , for all those who don’t know , Glocal has Big Band Theory Nights on Thursday which are absolutely fun. The young enthusiastic band plays soulful sufi music while you enjoy your food and hymn to the beats .

Finally I called for the desserts. Pan Cheesecake really got me . I was impressed . They had actually stuffed a pan with cheesecake filling completing the look

Then ordered the chocolate Carmel Mousse with soil . It was exotic . Overall had a beautiful evening listening to the music while hogging onto food

Budget buffet at Saptami

Saptami at the Holiday Inn is a great buffet dinner place for the price they offer

There is a salad spread which has salads like cold pasta to traditional chana. I loved the watermelon which was cut in the shape of duck .

I loved the starters :

1. Herb Cheese Balls

2. Soya Charred Cottage Cheese

3. Potato wedges I have gorged onto them

I wanted an Indian Spread as : Tadka Dal , Phulka Roti , Paneer ki Sabji , Punjabi Kadhi , Papad , Raita is soul food .

And who can miss chaat ? I had paani Puri and ragda pattice . I also called for a small portion of white sauce pasta which was great .

Also with the overcast weather set in , I had lemon coriander soup – a bliss for people who like it spicy .

Coming to the desserts , I was really full so I tried rose barfi and I really liked that . Also tried malai peda in the shape of apple . And had to be like a kid at heart and had chocolate icecream with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips.

Overall loved the spread . Scrumptious and Value for money .

Relax , Rejuvenate and Regenerate with your staycation at Holiday Inn , Mumbai

Staycation is the synonym to escape hustle bustle and the chaos of the city – TheGlocalJournal

I am high on staycations . I usually don’t get time to go for long vacations due to busy schedule .

I chose holiday inn , Mumbai for the weekend . It is a beautiful commercial property accessible from the airport and metro station. Coming back , as I entered I was welcomed by the warm staff and was directed to my room . The room was comfortable . Lets unwind by the terrace pool :

Then I headed directly for a relaxing dip into the ppol . The pool is on a terrace . The view from the pool describes the city of Bombay – skyscrapers , houses , factories . The pool is a refresher by itself as its right in the open . The water is also warm .

I ordered hot fries with watermelon juice to unwind by the pool . The vibes are very calming . I sat by bed rest and read a book

Soothing Spa at TATTVA

Next up I decided to go to the spa . TATTVA SPA at holiday inn is made in a very spacious way . Four spa rooms with steam . According to me , spa therapies are ESSENTIAL . They rejuvenate the body They regenrate your mind They relax your soul One time , spend something on what you love as you deserve it . Pamper yourself . You are welcomed by the warm staff as you enter . And then

Step 1 : Choose the spa which you want from the menu … From beauty exilirs to swedish massage they have it all . Since I like medium pressure and more calming experience , I chose the Indian Abhiyanga which is priced at Rs 2800 . Then choose the oil . They use oils originated from Indan roots . I chose the Pavitra Blend which contained rosewood , rose , olive essential oil . It smelt only “unwind”

Step 2: They welcome you with a form on which you can write how do you want your spa to be … relaxing , calming or releasing muscle tension

Step 3 : The warm masseuse takes you inside the room . Legit you are exported to serenity . Sweet Aroma , Soft Music , Soothing Lights – What else would you want ? Initially I began with warm foot massage. The masseuse was very sweet . She started the massage , she asked me if the pressure was okay and was very caring . Gradually the muscles were being relaxed , the serenity was enrapturing . I felt at my best – relaxed and rejuvenated . The head massage specially was very soothing and calming . I then went for steam . The steam was parfait !! Perfecrly Hot and Steamy … As all my stress was released and my pores were open , I was feeling more radiant from the inside . I had a calm shower and was ready to tackle a crazy week

Lets hog onto some dinner

By now I was starving , so I chose to go for scrumptious buffet at Saptami .

Wholesome elaborate spread containing Indian , Chaat and some dishes inspired from Continental cuisine.

Post the meal , I headed for binge shows and snuggle in bed . It was so comfortable .

Breakfast in bed anybody? The thing what I loved the most was that they had a checklist kind of ” I would love to have breakfast in bed” …. It literally was a little gift to beat Monday blues.

The bed in breakfast had everything from the time I want to specifications to all. As I woke up , the breakfast arrived . It was a very royal feeling . The steward accompanied by the waiter came with a cart having my elaborate spread .

From fork knives to choices of jam to jars of milk to a heater accompanied in my trolley for my paneer paratha , it was the best thing that could happen on a Monday morning . And then I checked out .

Loved the warm hospitality of the staff . Overall it was a memorable budget stay . When are you heading for a staycation ?

Hello Guppy is all about affordable Japanese food

Hello Guppy is vibrant , chique affordable Japanese food place served to you . It is the newest offering from the Olive Group.

Starting with my drinks :

For guppys sake a unique blend of vanilla vodka and sake shaken with freshly muddle lemon galangal and lemongrass

Gummy drop strawberry and gummy pills with coloured sparklers

Then I had the Fruit tea

Which is Passion on the grass

Cranberry passion fruit kaffir lime and lemon grass sours

Starting with my food :

Crisp vegetable harumaki – this is really crispy and nice .

Oven baked exotic vegetable filo spring rolls served with yuzu miso sauce – is one was like a crispy spring roll served to you . Loved the textures .

Avacado cucumber and cream cheese roll – Have Japanese food and not have sushi is not possible ! Ioved the soft textures .

Teriyaki glazed artichoke and tofu soy glazed grilled artichoke and tidy served on a bed of seasonal greens – So I had this . They had big pieces of Tofu served with a very subtle sauce .

Garlic fried rice – I chose a very classic dish . The rice was soft with a strong flavour of garlic which went perfectly with my meal .

Coming to my desserts , That was the best part of my meal . The molten lava chocolate cake is to die for .

I would again go there just to eat that desert served with fresh blueberry icecream .I have not eaten such a good icecream in a long time .

Next was my parfait . Loved the presentation . They make icecream out of a local Japanese ingredient and make a cute bunny out of it . The parfait consists of fresh fruits with corn flakes and all . Very refreshing . Overall great chilled place for Japanese food .

Candle light date by the sea

Masala Bar is your perfect choice of a dreamy date . Come on , you imagine . Situated by the sea . Surrounded by candles . Lit with dim lights .

Enjoying the sunset 🌅 if you reach by 6.30 pm . Extra 0.5 is just for the ambience . Coming to my drinks :

The great hornbys cloud – this is a great drink ! •

Malabar point – The names are inspired from natural beauty around . This had a very pungent taste and was smooth !

• Sea side – Hello Sea side . This one depends on the taste buds

• Carbon bhaji carbon pavilion – This is a different take on Pav bhaji . It is all black from bhaji to your Pav .

• Channa tempura chat- I really liked this as it’s that perfect chaat feeling sweet and sour .

• Figs and honey watermelon carppcio – This one is your salad . Reallly light .

• Avacado beet cream sushi- I loved the sushi .

• Yellow curry rissoto – The risotto was really tasty .

• Asparagus and pockchoy biryani – Biryani made me feel like at home . It was served with raita on the side . Further the rice was perfectly cooked which made it so good . I tried only one desert as was pretty stuffed !

• Bailey’s lollipop- this one is too heavenly for the ones who like baileys with chocolate . The lollipop was divine . Overall loved the place !